Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seaside Nails

Hey all! So, unfortunately, the weather where I'm at is not so Spring/Summery yet. But I wish it was! Here's a nail tutorial that symbolizes my longing for summer (sigh). Enjoy!

 What You Need:
cosmetic sponges
neutral sand colored polish (Revlon Colorstay in Trade Winds)
various shades of blue (Sinful Colors Cinderella, Essie Bikini Teeny, and Revlon Indigo Night)
sheer sparkly polish (Essence Space Queen and Nailtini Millionaire) 

1) Paint your nails the sandy color.
2) Rip apart a cosmetic sponge. Place a couple dots of your lightest blue polish on your palette.
3) Dip the ripped portion on the sponge into the polish and start lightly dotting the color about 3/4 down the nail, leaving a portion just the neutral base. You can build up the intensity with more layers however you prefer. 
4) Repeat using a slightly darker shade of blue, this time starting to sponge the polish on about 1/2 way down the nail.
5) Repeat with your darkest shade, this time only 1/4 down the nail, to create this ombre effect.
**the first shade I used was very sheer and sparkly, so to fuse all of the shades together more seamlessly I went over the entire blue portion of the nail again using just the lightest shade**
6) Go over the tip of the nail with a sparkly polish (I didn't have blue, so I used a very sheer pink shade with reflective glitters that reflect blue.)
7) Go over the base of the nail (the part that is only the neutral color) with a gold glitter. I am honestly not sure if I like this with or without the gold glitter, but I do enjoy the difference in texture it gives.
8) Top Coat that sucker!

Thanks for viewing!

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